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One click

One Click Technologies Pvt. Limited is part of the DigiVive group of companies. DigiVive is a leading Next Generation technology and service provider focused on the development and deployment of Value Added Services for the Mobile and Digital space. Our group companies provide solutions for both the B2B & B2C space. In the B2B space we operate in specific niche markets focused on helping organizations deliver higher levels of performance consistently by optimizing costs and delivering higher revenues. In the B2C space we focus on delivering greater value through an enhanced end user experience and e-commerce solutions that deliver greater value for every rupee spent on our platform.

One Click Technologies is an innovation driven company focused on development of software solutions that enable organizations to improve efficiency in delivering customer care services helping them deliver higher levels of satisfaction at lower costs.

Our intention is to provide a comprehensive suite of products that addresses the full life cycle of customer interaction from the time s/he seeks information on a company’s product or service to providing support during the usage of the product.

Our solutions are developed to be delivered through the cloud and across multiple media including web, mobile and touch enabled devices enabling high levels of self service and seamless flow of information across service delivery points.

The One Click team of professionals with background in delivering customer support and domain experts from telecom, computing & consumer durable industries. The technology team comprises of experts in application development and managed cloud services.

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