Sungrafix provides customized website content management systems that give people and organizations the freedom to manage their Internet, Intranet, Extranet and Portal content with ease.

Content Management System

At SunGrafix Technologiez we build all of our websites on top of content management systems (CMS) because they enable anyone with a computer to make changes and update a website without any special knowledge or training. Many outdated websites aren’t built on top of this technology and require extra time and expense to maintain

Update your website; Anywhere, Anytime

If you own a website, shouldn’t you be able to make changes to it any time you please? We think so. Once we’ve launched your website, you will be able to log in securely from any internet connection and edit content; No delays waiting for a webmaster to make the changes for you.

Easy to use, Ready to scale

The main value that most businesses find in a CMS is their ease-of-use. Hiring an hourly programmer to maintain a website is an expensive endeavor and with a content management system, it’s not needed. Anyone familiar with basic word processing software, such as Word, should be able to edit their website without a hitch. Content Management Systems are build to scale; making it easy to grow your website at any time without a major overhaul.



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